Eric Peterson

Using a variety of clay, glazes, slips, and more recently, hand-etched drawings by his wife, Betsy, Eric’s work continues to develop into a variety of forms including flowerpots made with local Dallas County clay, pitchers, mugs, bowls, porcelain dishes and whimsical ware. Eric’s experience, hard work and fine-honed skills are evident in each piece.

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About Eric

Possessed with a natural curiosity, Eric’s interest in pottery began in high school and further developed at the Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames, Iowa where he was able to practice and perfect his art with hours of open studio time at his disposal. 

Following this training, Eric apprenticed at a local interactive outdoor museum where his hand-thrown stoneware took shape. The simplicity of both form and function became a priority for him and his work reflects that in a variety of functional stoneware and earthenware that appeal to the eye and meet practical needs.

Artist Betsy Peterson from Perry, Iowa

Betsy Peterson

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With bright colors, whimsical figures, and meaningful words, Betsy’s art draws from her soul. Her love of words, color, and childlike spontaneity pour into each piece creating art that inspires generosity, gratitude and joy.