The Gallery

Perry, Iowa

The gallery is a space that allows us to share our story, connect to each person, and listen to their stories. We highly value these relationships and receive inspiration to create original, hand-crafted art that becomes a gift, home décor, or functional pieces for the home, created from our hearts.

1121 2nd St. Perry, Iowa 50220

Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am-4pm



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The Gallery is housed in the former 1927 JC Penney building on the corner of Second and Warford St, Perry, Iowa. We bought the building, which was most recently occupied by a shoe store, in 2015. Unearthing its original beauty required a great deal of elbow grease and refurbishing and was completed in the fall of 2016.  We opened with Christmas filling the gallery, similar to what we had offered at our home gallery, but on a grander scale.

The large display windows beckon curious shoppers to come inside where we offer an ever-changing display of our current work, whimsy and beauty. On-site studio space allows us to create art in the building the first part of the week, and then open our doors later in the week where we connect with our customers. We love connecting with them as we share ideas, stories, processes, and inspiration and we find motivation in those connections to create pieces of value and beauty. Our desire is to offer a fresh, personal experience that only a brick-and-mortar building can offer. The artist/customer connection that happens in a building enhances our work.